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Little Known Facts About Habits

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It takes 21 day to form a new habit & 90 days to lifestyle

44 %

Around 44% of the day
is about your habits

95 %

Data says mini habits are
95% easier to maintain

honest plans.

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What is Challenger App?

Challenger App is a science based, action oriented, data-driven, powerful yet simple to use lifestyle app which helps you build great habits and quit the ones which are stopping you to be the best version of you.

We encourage you to take a challenge, be the change and see the change. Currently the app is available for iPhone only. Click here to Download Challenger App.

Challenger is an iOS app currently available for iPhone only. To start using it you first have to install the app and complete basic onboarding process, take the following steps:

Install the app, fill out the full name, mobiile, age and other fields in the registration form, tick to agree to Challenger App Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and click Get started now.

Challenger App is generally for everyone, yeah even including kids. Technically everyone from above 7 year and its better suitable working professionals, students, housewives, learners, athletes, senior citizens, people suffering from lifestyle diseases like obesity, anxitey, stress, lazyness may also use in order to take control of their life. Never forget knowing what do you and working towards that is the only solution. Challenger app an action focus & result oriented app.

The purpose of Challenger App is to transforming the life of people around the world by:

Building good habits: Keep you motivated throughout your habit-building journey.

Quitting bad habits: Focusing on what matters like Family, Career, Relationship etc.

Lifestyle & personality development: Tracking daily habits and converting them to into a powerful lifestyle & personality development actions. Take control over your habits and see the new you.

Yes, we offer a one-time 90 days all-features-included with no restrictions, no credit card required.

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