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HealthTech startup Challenger App improves your lifestyle by fixing your habits, scientifically.

One Two Three. Easy, Fast & Free.

Our mission.

The lifestyle app

To give everyone the power to be the best version of themseleves by working on their habits & lifestyle with the help of easy yet powerful technologies.

One Day Or Day One


Habits make a man (of course, women too). And it’s not at all easy to start a new hobby, routine or to quit bad habits like smoking or alcohol – it’s tough, we all struggle. That’s remind that ultimately we’re humans and needs a push, a motivation to beat the bad in us. And here our app helps in a tremendous way, all we expect a little determination & action. I think anyone who wants to see their better version, improving their lifestyle, health, career & finances in general should download the Challenger App now.

No one else gonna do it for you, you’ve to take command. Challenger App is a science based, action oriented, data-driven, powerful yet simple to use lifestyle app which helps you build great habits and quit the ones which are stopping you to be the best version of you. We encourage you to take a challenge, be the change and see the change.

It’s Just A Beginning

Our journey
so far.

Translate your potential into lifelong great habits with powerful Challenger App features.


The idea popped up while WFH during lockdown for more than 3 months, realized that habits are what we made of, thought of fixing this.


Run a survey among 100+ people, response was overwhelming, immediately started working on the sitemap, flow, scope of work, company, Branding & Marketing strategies.


Started working on UX, UX designs and prototype, took 3+ months. Then development faced some hurdles but eventually we started it work in Mid of April.


Finally the day arrived! We launched the app in 1 June 2021, it was a bit slow but beautiful journey.

Our Values

Values we live.

We want to build a long-lasting, sustainable, and purposeful
business with engaged team members and delighted customers. Our success
is measured by the value we create for our users and customers, and of
of us aim to follow these five core values:

Obsess over our users

Be bold and move fast

Add value to customer’s life

Work with respect

Build trust with transparency

Learn by doing

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